RIKON Power Tools Inc is seeking a full time Accountant
Job Title: Accountant
Job Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, Finance, or Taxation plus 12 month working
experience as Accountant / Sr. Accountant, or similar positions.

Job duties: Prepare accurate and reliable financial statements for internal and external
use and assess financial performance for management’s business decision-making.

  • Design and implement appropriate accounting rules and policies in the company
    following U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and conduct
    periodical internal audits to review and improve corporate accounting processes and
  • Instruct and supervise the Junior Accountant to perform daily accounting activities,
    including journal entries and accounts reconciliations to ensure timely completion of
    the monthly, quarterly, and annual book close cycles.
  • Prepare reconciliation reports based on the bank statements and financial data
    provided by the Junior Accountant to ensure the correct balances are recorded within
    their accounts.
  • Analyze major business transactions to ensure that accounting transactions on
    revenue, cost, tax credit, capital expenditure, depreciation, and amortization have
    been accurately calculated and recorded in accordance with GAAP, and prepare
    financial statements including balance sheet, income statement, and statement of
    cash flow.
  • Use financial analytical methods such as horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and
    ratio analysis to analyze financial indicators to assess financial performance and
    prepare financial analysis reporting package showing the relationship between data
    and trends through various analytic measures such as differential analysis, profit loss
    analysis, acid-test ratio measures, and budget variances combining various factors
    including sales, costs & expenses, and trends for management to use when deciding
    on issues such as business development, resource utilization, and tax strategies.
  • Measure and analyze the company’s cash flow margin and cash flow liquidity for the
    purpose to prepare budget plan and financial forecast to support management
    decisions when making short- and long-term business decisions and on new product
    development as well.
  • Design and maintain an effective inventory management system to monitor inventory
    transactions and analyze excess and slow-moving inventory to develop inventory
    analysis report and analyze variances.
  • Ensure the company complies with its tax obligations at the local, county state, and
    federal levels by analyzing financial documents, preparing reconciliation reports for
    taxes owed at each level, and reviewing independent tax reports.

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